Cognigic Infotech removes the barriers to entry for underrepresented groups through our passion for and dedication to transforming life experience into career opportunity.

You already have the skills and we can help you focus them. Work with us and grow as you learn how to successfully enter the IT field and set forth on a new career path.

We know that taking time off for training can be a financial burden, so we eliminate that barrier for program participants. We are investing in people that we are confident will thrive both in training and on the job.


Establishing a Relationship with you

Dedicated Cognigic Infotech staff work with you to ensure that we best match our opportunities with your expertise. Our recruiters reach out and conduct a personalized phone screen with you to explore your skill-set and drive, and to develop an understanding of how and where you can best fit into our client’s work environment. By establishing this partnership with you, we can better ensure your satisfaction as a future employee.

Not every available position ends up being the best fit, but this does not mean we close the door on a partnership with you. As we constantly receive new job opportunities for our clients, we continue to review candidates that we have spoken with in the past. Sometimes the best opportunity is right around the corner!


We Support you. Now and in the Future.

Cognigic Infotech is with you through the entire process, from tips on customizing a resume to targeting that perfect job, to providing insight on the client work environment/culture, coordinating interviews, following up with client feedback, and much more. Once you start on an assignment, we’ll continue to check in and offer support every way we can. In fact, many professionals we place reach back out to Cognigic Infotech, when seeking their next opportunity, or to find their next hire.


Competitive pay

Our specialized recruiters work with companies and job seekers in your industry, they understand market expectations and how to leverage your skills and experience to find you opportunities with competitive pay. Since we operate as a virtual company with low overhead, we share the savings with our employees and our customers!



Cognigic Infotech offers several affordable health care plans for you to choose from to ensure you receive the medical coverage you need for you and your dependents.


Referral Programs

We are constantly growing and so we are constantly looking for talented people like you! Since we know that you have some great people in your network, we invite you into our recruiting process.

Because you might know who our ideal candidates are, we truly believe that you can help bring Cognigic Infotech Talent Acquisition Strategy to the next level. Or, you may know of a company seeking talent. We will reward you for those referrals, too!

We value referrals and we offer cash rewards as part of our referral programs.

Please think of us often, refer us to your friends and employers, and check out the jobs page to view ongoing opportunities for you and your friends and your peers.

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